Ask Reality Video Series


After seeing all the evidence, the Ask Reality video series provides an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to understand how it is that our human minds were conditioned to believe something that is clearly false for so many years. These two videos will take a total of approximately 25 minutes to watch, which is certainly worth the time considering how much your understanding will increase:

These videos are also featured as part of a larger set of related resources in Part 5 of the Gentle Awakening Presentation Series.

One thought on “Ask Reality Video Series

  1. Wow, everything makes so much more sense now. Thanks for sharing these videos. Every time I look through your Gentle Awakening presentations Parts 2 and 3 and I kept wondering how it was that I couldn’t see some of these obvious problems before. Now it makes a lot more sense, especially now that I see how the information was being controlled as shown in the second Ask Reality video you posted here. Thank you!!

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