The Truth Awakening of a General Authority: Elder Hans H. Mattsson

elder hans h mattsson

Hans H. Mattsson is a member of the Seventy who left the church after discovering troubling information regarding the church’s foundational truth claims. He is a 3rd generation church member from Sweden who served as a bishop and stake president in Sweden before serving as a Seventy from 2000-2005 in the Europe Central area under Apostle L. Tom Perry. Those who are navigating their own truth awakenings may find listening to his experience helpful and may glean inspiration and valuable insights for their own journeys.

In the following segment, you can listen to Elder Mattsson discuss his faith crisis on Mormon Stories:

In the next segment below, you can listen to Elder Mattsson’s thoughts and feelings about the church today:

To view Elder Mattsson’s New York Times interview, click this link.

The troubling information that Elder Mattsson discovered is summarized in Parts 2-3 of the Gentle Awakening Presentation Series.

Link: Gentle Awakening Presentation Series

Elder Hans Mattsson and Elder Marlin K. Jensen

One thought on “The Truth Awakening of a General Authority: Elder Hans H. Mattsson

  1. There is no doubt that Mormonism is at a cross-roads. The unchristian and pagan blasphemy of Mormon doctrine is blatant. Who would ever deny that what Hans Mattsson was taught as a child and young man by his father and his Mormon leaders, which was taught by his grandfather to his father, and his great-grandfather to his grandfather? The Mormon prophet, Thomas Monson, and Mormon Apostles, like Jeffery Holland, can stand before millions of rank-and-file Mormon men and women and, either, not telling them that it is a total fraud; that Joseph Smith was a fraud, the Book of Mormon is 19th Century fiction, and the Book of Abraham is nothing but 100 B.C. Egyptian funerary text from the Egyptian Book of Breathings. I was deceived for 30 years, but Hans’ family has been deceived for 3 generations, and that’s because the Mormon missionaries misled Hans’ great-grandfather about polygamy and their polytheistic doctrine when they began their missionary work in Sweden in the late 19th Century.

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