Love Is Most Important

Ken and RuthAnn Sullivan

Ken and RuthAnn Sullivan are the wonderful parents of five children and were highly active in the church until recently discovering troubling information that led to a crisis of faith and a very interesting meeting with a General Authority. The family resigned from the church soon thereafter, which surprised many people who expected them to be called to preside over a mission. This caused much heartache and disappointment as family members and friends looked at them with critical eyes and negativity. However, through their experience, the Sullivans learned that loving relationships are more important than the ideologies and beliefs that divide families and friendships. They are positive examples of how to re-evaluate one’s core values at the center of daily life and moving forward with optimism, love, and kindness.

The Sullivan’s inspiring and humble talk, entitled “Love Is Most Important,” is something which every bishop, stake president, mormon, and post mormon in the world should watch. The Sullivans describe their experience in a way that is safe for all people to watch, without detailing any of the troubling issues, but instead by focusing on the importance of maintaining loving relationships with family members and friends regardless of anyone’s beliefs or stance regarding mormonism. The video is well worth the time to watch considering the bridges of understanding and goodwill that it builds. The Q&A at the end is also particularly insightful.


It is the Sullivans’ sincere desire that all people would continue to cultivate relationships of love and respect for one another. As they state in their talk:

Love above ideology.

Relationships above theology.

Human connection above belief.

Love is a verb, an action, which means demonstrating understanding and compassion toward all those with whom we associate—regardless of anyone’s particular beliefs or ideologies. It means placing the virtue of kindness above our differences and being true and genuine friends to one another without judgment and without reservation. Only when we make our relationships a higher priority than our beliefs will love reign supreme in our neighborhoods, in our homes, and in our hearts.

The Sullivans’ website can be found here:

The troubling information they discovered is summarized here.

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What to Believe Now?


Since launching this site a couple of months ago, I have been inspired by hundreds of emails from others going through similar experiences, sharing their stories, support, and appreciation through the contact form. As I have read your accounts, my heart has reached out to you during these difficult and painful periods of faith transition and truth awakening. One of the most frequently asked questions in these emails is something along the lines of “where do I go from here?” or “what is the real truth?” or “what do I believe now?” We will explore this important question in the following post.

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Four Essentials for Accepting Truth


How do we accept the truth? What ingredients are necessary for a person to change their most treasured beliefs if these beliefs are actually erroneous? Here we will review the “four essentials” for accepting truth. All four of these qualities are indispensable. If even one is missing or lacking, it will be extremely difficult for a person to accept and embrace reality. Let us review each one in turn:

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Ask Reality Video Series


After seeing all the evidence, the Ask Reality video series provides an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to understand how it is that our human minds were conditioned to believe something that is clearly false for so many years. These two videos will take a total of approximately 25 minutes to watch, which is certainly worth the time considering how much your understanding will increase:

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Gentle Awakening Part 4: Theological Problems

You are viewing Part 4 of 5 of the Gentle Awakening Presentation Series, which introduces the theological and doctrinal problems of the Church.

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Part 4: Theological Problems

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If the Church Really Isn’t True, Then Why Have I Felt the Spirit?


Once the truth is learned regarding our church, there is usually a very important question that naturally follows. This question comes from an earnest heart and certainly merits our attention. It is usually something like the following:

“If the Church isn’t really true, then why have I felt the Spirit?”

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