Gentle Awakening

“For there are many yet on the earth … who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it.” (D&C 123:12)

The Gentle Awakening series provides a concise introduction to our church issues and is divided into five parts:

  1. Introduction: These slides explore the question, “Is it possible that I might be mistaken?” by using clips from well-known stories and by providing a preface for the problems explored in Parts 2-5.
  2. Foundational Problems: What are the real issues about our beginnings, about which we may not have been told the whole truth?
  3. Post-Foundational Problems: What are the real issues that arose after our beginnings, about which we may not have been told the whole truth?
  4. Theological Problems: If this is Christ’s true church, wouldn’t it follow His teachings?
  5. Roadmap: What should I do now?

Note: You can read the full PDF document containing all 5 parts at this link:


For optimal viewing, click the “Fullscreen” icon in the lower right corner of each presentation.

If you wish to interrupt or skip any video segment and continue through the presentation, simply use the advance button at bottom of the full presentation screen.

Part 1: Introduction

See also: Four Essentials for Accepting Truth

Part 2: Foundational Problems

Part 3: Post-Foundational Problems

Part 4: Theological Problems

Part 5: Roadmap


See also: If the Church Really Isn’t True, Why Have I Felt the Spirit?

See also: What to Believe Now?

You can download the PDF version at this link.


3 thoughts on “Gentle Awakening

  1. When I first found out the truth about the church, I felt like my heart had broken. I was so sick about it all that I even had to take work off for a few days. The way you have presented it is so much easier to swallow. Thank you for putting these presentations together to make it a little easier and gentler on people learning the truth for the first time. I felt comforted after going through all the slides, and I wished I had gotten my information from you first. You have done a great job of putting all the info together in one place so people can study it out. I appreciate all your work.

  2. Fantastic. I really really liked Part 2. And Parts 3-4 made a lot of sense to me. So nice to have this all in one place so that people can study it all out at once!

  3. The truth? What is truth but to open your eyes and let the scales of superstition fall to the ground. To understand truth you need to venture out of your comfort zone, study information that exists and compare that information with what you’ve been told your whole life. When you find a preponderance of information that conflicts with yours then you have to come to the decision point. The decision point is when you decide what to continue to believe. Research the citation on both sides and make sure they are honest. The choice is yours…good luck.

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